Europe’s data protection board adopts robust two-year programme

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The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) and the European Data Protection Supervisor adopted its two-year programme on February 12, one that will depend on the needs of individuals, stakeholders, and the EU’s own legislation.

The EDPB formed its opinion on an administrative arrangement for financial market supervision which is compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerning the exchange of personal information between the EU’s financial supervisory authorities and non-European Union partners.

This arrangement requires also an authorisation at the national level. Therefore, it will be presented to the competent supervisory authorities and its practices will be screened by the competent supervisory authorities to guarantee the efficiency of its supervision.

The EDPB also adopted guidelines on a code of conduct which define the procedures and the application of the GDPR, both at the European and at the national level, and will depend on public consultations.

The EDPB also adopted an information note about data transfers between the EU and UK in case of a no-deal Brexit. Under the scenario where the UK quits the European Union without a deal in place, Britain will become a so-called “third country” for Brussels beginning from March 30.

As a result, the transfer of personal data from the EEA to the UK may be subjected to certain instruments that include standard or ad hoc data protection clauses, binding corporate rules, codes of conduct, and certification mechanisms.

The transfer of data from the UK to the EEA will remain unaffected, meaning that personal data will continue to flow freely.



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