“Pinball Wizard: The Work and Life of Jacqueline de Jong” at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum at Amsterdam is hosting “Pinball Wizard: The Work and Life of Jacqueline de Jong,” an exhibition showing the works of distinguished Dutch artist Jacqueline de Jong (b. 1939, Hengelo, Netherlands). The exhibition is on view through August 18, 2019.Jacqueline de Jong is a visual artist, designer and a former employee of the Stedelijk Museum. Her work, since the 1960s had continuously evolved in genres and style — she boasts of an oeuvre that ranges in scale, from small diptychs that chronicle a day in the life of the artist, to monumental canvases dominated by an absurd and often violent and erotic world. This exhibition gives an overview of the development of the artist’s extensive oeuvre.Jacqueline de Jong effortlessly switches between different styles, be it Abstract Expressionism, new figuration and Pop Art. The show also highlights de Jong’s involvement in avant-garde networks inside and outside Europe, including the politically engaged Situationist International movement.“Throughout the years, the work of Jacqueline de Jong has always been collected and followed but over recent decades, and particularly after the purchase of the de Jong archive by the Yale University Beinecke Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts in 2012, her work has gleaned considerable international attention,” the museum says.“The Stedelijk Museum believes in the importance of giving leading female artists a larger stage. This certainly applies to Jacqueline de Jong, also. We are extremely proud to be able to stage a major survey of her work. Especially now, when she is being discovered internationally by a new generation. Exploring the collection of the Stedelijk with her, in search of her networks and inspirations, was a unique experience. It sheds an entirely new perspective on the history of art in which, as of now, de Jong has secured her position,” says exhibition curator Margriet Schavemaker.Spread over 13 exhibition spaces, the exhibition showcases a selection of key works by de Jong and works from the museum’s collection. Alongside are presented previously unseen archival material.The exhibition will be on view through August 18, 2019, at Stedelijk Museum, Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.For details, visit http://bit.ly/2N3ThDi on the slideshow for a sneak peek of the exhibition. http://bit.ly/2BwSDJ7 Louise Blouin

source https://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/3544827/pinball-wizard-the-work-and-life-of-jacqueline-de-jong-at


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